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The Role of the IPCC in Assessing Actionable Evidence for Climate Policymaking

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Macroeconomic Implications of a Basic Income

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The CTNTE was established with the overarching aim to promote new thinking in economics, whilst holding three core principles close to heart:

  1. Economics is primarily social, rather than individual.
  2. Economic behaviour is influenced by aesthetic and ethical values (as well as economic values).
  3. The pursuit of self-interest in economic behaviour can have adverse impacts on society and the environment.

We want to advance education in the field of economics – for the public good – and educate the public in developing practices and policies that recognise and reduce adverse effects that may arise from a lack of awareness of these core principles. Primarily, we encourage new thinking by supporting research and public seminars.

As the CTNTE is a Charity (Registered Charity Number: 1111552), we rely on external donations to fund our work. If you’re in a position to support us, we would be grateful for any donation – no matter how big or small! You can make a donation via the Donations page (as well as on our Contact Us page).