Tackling Obstacles to Net Zero

Tackling Obstacles to Net Zero
Purpose of Workshop

Currently, there is a lot of push back from various groups of society due to the increasing number of regulations as well as increases in the cost-of-living due to climate measures. At the same time, there is a shortage of skilled labour to effectively implement climate measures. Together, these factors threaten our ability to achieve net zero.

The CTNTE is hosting this invitation-only workshop, Tackling Obstacles to Net Zero, to provide a space for an open discussion about the implementation barriers to achieving net zero. It will explore near-term barriers to implementing the policies and measures needed to achieving net zero by 2050 in light of the current economic, social, and political pressures that have led to the long-term problem of achieving net zero being ignored, and what exactly is needed to overcome them.

It will provide participants with a greater understanding of short-term distractions to net zero as well as the short-term effects of moving to net zero. The workshop will also offer an opportunity for attendees to participate in discussions focussing on the tools and methods that can be used to look at the energy transition, alongside modelling tools that could be used to improve the realism in climate scenarios.

Event date
15 May 2024
Trinity Hall, Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB21TJ
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