Geoff Crocker

Geoff Crocker
Editor & Creator, Basic Income Forum

Having graduated in economics (BA), and philosophy of science (MA), Geoff’s main career has been in global technology strategy consulting for multinationals (IBM, ABB, Yamaha, Kone et al.), SMEs, and government departments and agencies.

Geoff’s career began in the aerospace sector, and he has since worked in industry strategy for over 25 years, specialising in strategic analysis of international industry sectors with high technology content for senior client management. Geoff worked in transition of the Russian economy from 1990 to 2006, supporting the reorientation of industry sectors into the global market economy. He led the acquisition of a US design company for a Russian client. He was economics adviser to the President of the Russian coal industry, and later strategy director of SUEK, one of Russia’s largest companies. Other clients included Power Machines Group, Ilim Pulp, United Heavy Machinery, and EBRD.

In 1995, Geoff established Bristol Care Homes with a mission statement to provide high quality holistic nursing care for elderly people. He has worked in developing countries, including funding a pineapple investment project in Ghana, advising a pastoralist centre in Kenya, and for several clients in South Africa.

Geoff has worked extensively as an advocate for basic income, launching and editing the website ‘The Case for Basic Income‘, and through his recent book ‘Basic Income and Sovereign Money – the alternative to economic crisis and austerity policy‘ which was reviewed in the Financial Times.  He has also helped initiate a research project on the economics of basic income at IPR Bath, the Basic Income Conversation hub hosted at Compass UK, and the conference ‘Is it Time for Basic Income‘ at the Bristol Festival of Ideas, UK.

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